Our network is built for businesses

We built a future-proof network that serves businesses only. Since 2019, we deployed over 500km of network—a scale no other fibre company has taken on in Central London, especially in such a short amount of time.  We designed our infrastructure to redefine connectivity for businesses.

We provide up to 100Gbps internet, setting a new standard in speed and capacity. Our high-speed Ethernet connections supply true uncontended bandwidth. That means we can offer uninterrupted, synchronous internet every hour of every day.

Our customers always have the speed and capacity they need for their applications to perform at their best, boosting their productivity and technological functionality.

Direct to the datacentre.

Our connections are established through dedicated fibres directly to datacentres.

We intentionally do not use traditional passive optical networks (also known as PON). This is because PON technology is susceptible to congestion as bandwidth is shared between customers. PON technology is also difficult to scale. Our approach guarantees your customers the flexibility they need to meet evolving connectivity demands.

No street cabinets.

We do not use any street furniture in our network. These above-ground installations are prone to vandalism, weather-related damage and require electricity to operate, making them potential points of failure. Instead, our entire fibre network is underground, mitigating these risks and providing businesses with a reliable and secure connectivity solution.

Designed for resilience.

Our network spans the UK and Europe, and we have a presence in 23 data centres and 1,724 interconnected networks. This extensive infrastructure allows us to host critical business components closer to your customers’ premises, resulting in lower latency and faster data access. Diverse interconnected networks also ensure that alternative routes are readily available in case of disruptions, enhancing resilience and reliability.

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