Unmatched service and support

24/7 support

We offer around-the-clock, in-house customer support, ensuring you can speak to us whenever you need to.

A single point of contact

You will be assigned a dedicated point of contact as we want to ensure there is clear accountability for the resolution of any issue. We want to avoid the frustration of being passed from one support person to another.

This dedicated customer support contact serves as a direct and accessible link between you and our technical support team. This arrangement ensures rapid communication, a deep understanding of your unique needs, and a quicker resolution of issues.

Located in London

Our support headquarters are in London, so your customers are never more than 20 minutes away from a Vorboss engineer.

This enables us to deploy teams promptly for rapid network issue resolution, minimising downtime and ensuring swift solutions for your customers.

We own the network

Our approach is distinctive—the people who constructed our network are the ones on the frontline fixing it. We have a deep understanding of the network's intricacies, guaranteeing swift and precise issue resolution.

Furthermore, we empower our team with comprehensive training, transforming them into versatile generalist problem-solvers. This proactively ensures that there's always a capable expert available, preventing delays in issue resolution.

IPv6 support

All Vorboss services are IPv6 and legacy IPv4 native. This provides accessibility for both modern IPv6-enabled devices and older legacy IPv4 equipment, accommodating a wider range of customer needs.

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